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Mattresses have always been a crucial reason for determining how a person’s day is going to be. This is because all the mattresses are not of same type and have different importance. Here are some of the types of mattresses that can weaver a person’s well being.

  1. MEMORY – FOAM MATTRESS :- This type of mattress is most commonly used in hotels and resorts along with pilots and passenger seats. . Earlier, mattresses were hard and not supported sitting for a long time. These mattresses have better cusioning and crash protection. It is also known as VISCO ELASTIC FOAM. The speciality of using this mattress is that it provides full support to the body by dispersing the body weight evenly throughout the mattress. Body temperature helps in making the mattress soft and comfortable. They are therefore warmer as compared to other types of mattresses. Dreamzee Mattresses ( ) provide for such mattresses which are soft and cusion like to provide comfort and perfect body support.

  1. INNERSPRING MATTRESS :- They are one of the oldest designs of a modern mattress. Steel coil is used to provide support. Spring like coil is connected to a single unit to construct these mattresses. Dreamzee Mattresses provise such variety ( ). Padding is covered by the inner spring which gives a better sleep experience and comfort also. These innerspring mattresses are much stronger and more comfortable due to the modern fabrics, foams and fibres used. Also, main thing along with comfort is money. These mattresses are affordable and among the top  sellers as well. Dreamzee Mattresses in their Spring series ( ).

  1. HYBRID MATTRESS :- Perfect example of how the innovations have occurred in mattress technology. There are combination of two and more support systems with an advanced innerspring system which adds to the glory. This mattress is perfect for those who have any sort of back problems. This mattress uses such a mechanism which provides more deeper and restful sleep. Bounciness in a mattress is also of great comfort for many people. The innerspring provides for such bounce while the support system provides for comfort and softness. Dreamzee Mattresses provide such type of mattresses with their variety of Ortho Series ( ).

While discussing the types, DREAMZEE MATTRESSES( ) is the only company that can provide such a variety. Dreamzee Mattresses are manufactured in such a way that includes all the types of mattresses which a customer requires. Dreamzee  Mattresses cover all these types under three heads:- Ortho Series ( ), Spring Series ( ) and Natural Series ( ). These mattresses are not only comfortable and elastic but are long lasting and curve free as well. 100% pure raw material is used while manufacturing these mattresses which adds to the quality of this mattress.

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