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Pocket Springs are pre-compressed, individually encased coils. Individual encasement enables each spring to adjust independently of the others to perfectly support your body in any sleeping position. This provides more points of support and a bed that is more responsive than any other spring mattress. More coils mean more "active" points in the mattress, providing better response and support for your body.  That independent response provides a more natural spinal alignment and more even pressure distribution.  A collateral benefit is that there is also greater reduced partner disturbance. You get support in the right places with the help of individually wrapped pocket springs that work independently and closely follow your body. A generous layer of soft fillings adds support and comfort. Stretch fabric on topside of the mattress moves with you to maximize comfort. Allows the regulation of moisture as well as air circulation to avoid heat build-up.

  • Comfort Level- Medium Soft 
  • Cushioning - High Resilience Convoluted Foam for bouncy feel and extra cushioning.
  • Foam Border Encasement used for proper support making the mattress intact in its original position.
  • Premium Knitted Quilted fabric having High GSM for feather like touch and comfort.
  • Turkish felt and Non- woven fabric increases durability of the mattress making it Long lasting .
  • Direct from factory having 5 years manufacturing warranty.


Top Layer - HR convoluted Foam
Middel Layer - Turkish Felt
Middel Layer - Non Woven Fabric
Bottom Layer - Pocket Spring

Yes , We can customise any size. When you are selecting the size click on "I want custom size" and fill the desired size and proceed with the purchasing.

All orders we take are "Make To Order" Products were we manufacture new product for every customer. The mattresses we provide are of high quality standards. We follows international quality system and standards while making our mattresses. About 80% of our mattresses has dual comfort feature (both soft and hard) which nullifies our returns as customer is getting both comforts in one mattress. According to research we found that most of the companies in India who are providing free trial are not loyal to their customers.

Let's take an example-

Suppose if you buy a mattress for 20,000/- and you use it for 25 days and you found that this mattress is not comfortable at all, so you ask for return to claim complete refund. These companies will offer you complete refund. According to you your case is resolved. but now see the other side of the coin. These sellers won't discard this, mattress or neither they give in charity. They will change the fabric and pass it on to new customer. According to study out of every 10 mattress sold 3 - 4 customer claims for full refund. So, the mattress you ordered From these brands doesn't sure you that you received a new fresh mattress. Our purpose of telling this example is to make you aware from the unethical practices used by sellers to increase their market shares.

Note- We are not putting allegation to any specific company but only for those companies who are following unethical practices.

Rest assured, your custom-made Dreamzee Pocket Spring Mattress arrives with a full 5-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. For full details, please visit our

We dispatch our mattresses through FedEx and Safexpress Courier Services.

No, We don’t provide our mattresses in a box. We dispatch our mattresses in one single piece without any folds.

We take 3-4 days in production and the delivery depends on the location. For Example - We usually take 7-10 days for deliveries to cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, etc.

We don't accept the returns on the basis of comfort. But if there is any genuine manufacturing defects then warranty comes into the picture.

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