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Ortho Mattresses

Pain-Relief comfort & Temperature-control support.

What is Ortho Mattress?

Our Dreamzee ORTHO Mattress collection is specifically designed to provide the maximum comfort to the body with the advanced base supportive system. Our special blend of memory foam actively responds to your movements, allowing you to move freely around the bed without experiencing the quicksand effect. Memory foam responds to your body's individual shape, weight, and temperature. It adjusts its shape to provide precise support, keeping your spine in alignment while relieving discomfort at pressure points in areas like your hips and shoulders.

Ortho-Mattress Features

Back Pain Resolver
Direct From Factory
International Quality Standards
5 Years Warranty

Ortho Mattress Collection


Medium Comfort


Soft Comfort



Comparision Of Ortho-Back, Ortho-Care and Ortho-Rest

Features Back Care Rest
Components Memory Foam + Softy Foam + Bonded Foam Memory Foam + Softy Foam + HR Foam Softy Foam + Bonded Foam
Comfort Medium Firm Soft Comfort Hard & Soft Comfort
Reversible Yes, Dual Comfort Hard/soft Yes, Dual Comfort Hard/soft Yes, Dual Comfort Hard/soft
Motion Isolation Yes Yes Yes
100% Pure Foam Yes Yes Yes
Back Support Yes Yes Yes