Dreamzee Music Pillow With Built-In Speakers

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The MUSIC PILLOW is an extraordinary product, which brings out a new revolution in the sleeping patterns as well as an incredible breakthrough in personal audio. Our brand offers the best quality of pillow engraved with two built-in speakers. These undetected speakers are installed inside the pillow and are engineered to provide the best comfort with great stereo sound. It has 3.5 mm jack, which can be easily connected to any sound machine including I Phone/I Pad/I Pod, mobile phones, tablets, laptop, mp3 players, radios and all other types of music devices. As far as comfort is concerned it is room-mate friendly. "It is loud enough for you but quiet enough not to disturb others".


  • Helps You To Listen to Your Favorite Music Tracks.
  • Helps to relax the mind and body with soothing sounds and music.
  • It does not have any radiations so it doesn't affect the body by any means.
  • Portability- you can take it anywhere like in the plane, train or cars.
  • Cover: 100% Egyptian cotton. It has 400-thread count, which make the fabric soft and allows the fiber to stay intact inside and the filling is of Conjugated fiber.

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