What is Latex Hybrid?

Latex Hybrid Mattresses are specially designed with the combination of 100% Natural Latex with Foam or Spring. These combinations are perfect for all sleeping positions and are also good for back support.


Hotel Like Comfort

It Provides Hotel Like Comfort And Luxurious Feel

High Quality Springs

We Use High Quality Springs In our Mattresses

Air Circulation Foam

The Special Structure of Foam Allows Air Circulation In The Mattress

7 Years Warranty

We Provide 7 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

Hybrid Collection


Natural Latex + Memory Foam


Starting from 12,900/-


Natural Latex + Pocket Spring


Starting from 14,700/-


This model consist of 1" of Natural Latex (Fixed) + 1" Cool Memory Foam (Fixed) + HR Foam (Variable)

This model consist of 1" of Natural Latex (fixed) + 1" Plushtech Foam (fixed) + Pocket Spring (Variable)


It has medium Hard comfort

It has medium Soft comfort


This model is suitable for those who seeks for orthopedic comfort

This model is suitable for those who seeks for hotel comfort

Age & Weight

It is recommended to people of all ages & weight

It is recommended to people from 15-45 years & supports maximimum weight upto 90 kgs per person

Dual Comfort

This mattress has Dual comfort, medium on top & hard on bottom

This mattress is non-reversible. It is only one side (top) usable

How Our Quilted Modal Organic Fabric Is Made?

1. It is quilted with Organic Modal Fabric with organic cotton

2. Quilted organic modal fabric protects the natural latex from moisture which increase the durability of the mattress.

Reasons To Go Organic

Certified Organic Mattress Is Good For "YOU" And "MOTHER NATURE"

Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress is one of the most Natural and Organic mattress brand available in India. We have got more than 200+ positive customers reviews across online platforms. Why Our Latex mattresses are so popular ? Discover 9 ways to explore more about this category.

100% Natural And Organic

Our Natural Latex is extracted from hevea-brasilienis tree (Rubber tree) Through Dunlop process. We use this latex in our mattresses which are 100% Organic and natural to use. We also use organic modal fabric quilted with organic cotton layer making the product full organic from top to bottom without any synthetic and chemical components.

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