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Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Certified Organic Mattress

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About Product

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex mattress is a perfect solution for all the bed problems. Let's take an overview of what exactly natural latex is?? Natural latex is a milky white liquid, which is extracted from the Hevea-Brasilienis tree, better known as the rubber tree. In rubber trees, a small piece of the bark is carved away, and latex quickly begins flowing from that cut to containers below. The latex then further processed and is used as a primary product in the mattress.



Organic Modal Fabric

Modal fabric is a super soft fiber made from beech trees. Since it’s made from trees, it is naturally breathable and anti-allergic. It will help in avoiding sweat and moisture trapped next to the skin because of its natural properties. It is 50% more absorbent than cotton and has higher durability.

Organic Cotton

The 100% organic cotton layer used in our mattress has a very smooth feel. It has a cool surface that perfectly complements natural latex. When designing this mattress, we insisted on using only organic cotton fabric as it is anti-allergic and good for the skin. It is flexible and strong which makes it more durable.

100% Natural Latex

The main component of our mattress is 100% natural latex. We bring you the highest-quality latex that does not contain any synthetic material or fillers. It is made through the energy-efficient Dunlop process that provides the best sleeping surface available in the market.


100% Natural Organic

No Synthetic

Skin Friendly

Anti Allergic

Climate Control Technology

Pin Core for Ventilation

Ortho Support Medium Comfort


Both Side Useable

ISO Certification

Motion Isolation

7 Years Manufacturer Warranty


Comfort - Natural latex provides cushion for pressure points like hips and shoulders allowing for a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

No Disturbances - Motion isolation is one of the best features associated with latex mattresses. Motion isolation means that when one partner rolls over or tosses and turns, movement on the other side of the bed is barely noticeable. This makes for a much more pleasant sleeping experience with fewer disturbances.

Healthy - One of the biggest benefits of natural latex is that it is a healthy and safe material to sleep on. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal as well. Excellent air circulation is provided by the open-cell natural structure of latex that allows for good breathability, resulting in a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Longevity - Last but certainly not least, the latex mattresses are one of the most highly durable mattress types available. If you are going to purchase a mattress, it makes financial sense to purchase a very long-lasting one. Having a mattress that is so elastic and personalized, being organic and even biodegradable, topped off with being a long-term budget-friendly solution is a win almost any way you look at it. But the best part of a natural latex mattress is the quality of sleep it provides!


  • Comfort Level - It provides the unique balance of medium comfort with proper support for the spine. It has the ability to relieve the pressure points.
  • 100 % Natural latex - Being natural it is healthy material to sleep on. It is naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria without the use of any chemicals. It is made with the Dunlop process with Pin-core formation.
  • Climate Control Technology - It will keep you Warm in Winters and Cool in Summers.
  • Fabric - Organic Modal Fabric quilted with organic cotton layer making a mattress complete organic and natural to use.
  • Certification: Certified by Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles, LGA, ABC Research Corporation and ISO.. 
  • Warranty - Direct from the factory having 7 years manufacturer warranty.

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