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Why Natural Latex mattresses are considered best for Proning for longer period of time for increasing oxygen Level

Why Natural Latex mattresses are considered best for Proning for longer period of time for increasing oxygen Level

Is proning on a natural latex mattress help in increasing the oxygen level in body. Here are some facts that prove that Natural latex mattresses is more suitable than normal foam mattresses for doing proning.

As we are facing pandemic situation all over the world most of the people in India are facing issues related to breathability due to lack of oxygen in the body.In view of our perceptions, resting in the Prone ( Sleeping on stomach ) position increases the propensity of Oxygen flow which helps in better breathing circulation seen in clients.We are sharing some factors how 100% Natural latex mattresses can help in improving your oxygen consumption while laying in prone position.

3D Air Circulation

The open-cell structure in the latex mattress permits air to course freely all around for better breathability. Subsequently, it stays away from any issues of over-warming or sweat. As latex is extracted from Sap of rubber trees it has organic components which make the mattress cool in summers and warm in winters . As there is no heat issue , people can sleep longer in Prone position which would certainly help them to increase oxygen content upto some percentage.

On the Contrary , Other mattresses which are made from foams or other chemical components has closed - cell structure which doesn't allow air to circulate freely. These mattresses creates off-gassing and awful scents after a timeframe which may cause running nose or hack during rest which may also hamper the time frame to sleep longer on the mattresses in prone position.

Anti - Bacterial and Anti - Allergic

As this Product comes from Nature Earth it possesses Anti-dust, Anti-mite and Anti-bacterial properties which keeps your body away from Viruses and bacterias upto some some extent.

Note : Our 100% Natural Latex mattresses are Internationally and domestically certified for purity and quality.

Check how Natural latex mattress help Sonakshi Gupta for increasing the oxygen level during COVID time.

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