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Three Biggest Myths

Three Biggest Myths

Is having a zipper fabric in mattress or compressed Mattress in a box or having a mattress with trial period are really beneficial for customers ? Here are the three biggest myths that customer think


Biggest Myths

Why Not Zipper Cover ?

Their's a myth that zipper covers are more durable and convenient to use but in reality they are not. We explain how our Quilted Organic Fabric is much better than ordinary zipper covers. Zipper covers are low in strength and durability as they are not quilted. They attract moisture as people open and close them for washing and cleaning. The moisture once entered into the mattress may damage the life of latex by 30%.
On the other hand we provide high GSM Quilted Organic Fabric that is stitched on automatic Tape-Edge machine which makes it highly durable. The stitching restricts the moisture to enter in the mattress thereby increasing the life of the product.

Features Dreamzee Other Brands
Quilted Organic Fabric
Moisture Control
Extra Cushioning Comfort
Exclusive Modal fabric
High Durability

Why Not Rolled Box Packing?

Most Brands advertise their rolled box packing by connecting with attractive videos which may influence the customer perception. Firstly, for the mattress to be get rolled it needs to get compressed. Compressing of any material or product may damage the internal construction of the product which may affects the quality and durability of it. In some of the cases (as per study) the mattresses doesn't regain their actual sizes and rolling of mattresses causes wrinkels on the fabric.
Secondly, these mattresses are rolled to reduce the transportation cost. Once the mattress is rolled the size of the product is reduced leading to less volumetric weight (Less Size = Less Weight = Less Expense). Seller's save almost 50% of the transportation cost when the mattress is rolled box packed (Benefit for the seller but not for customer).
But in Dreamzee we do not compress and roll pack our mattresses as we deliver the shipments in one piece without any folds. These mattresses doesn't required any installation and assembling and they are ready to use (open the packing and put it on bed). We use 3 Packing layers - PVC packing, 6PLY Corrugated packing and HDPE packing to avoid any damage in transit.

Why Not Free Trial period?

Trial Period seems to be an attractive offer wherein customers can return their products within offer period. According to customers its a win-win situation as they have an option to return the product after using it. But every thing has pros and cons. Now, we explain the negative side. According to the survey for every 10 sold mattresses 4 mattresses are returned (may be the mattress doesn't suit them). Most of the companies neither discard nor donate these returned mattresses. Specially these mattresses are of high value and discarding them all the time may lead to huge loss for the companies. In reality these returned mattress are re-furnished (most likely change in fabric) again and are sold again to new set of customers. So, these companies do not assure supply of 100% fresh mattresses all the time.
In Dreamzee we don't offer any trial period as all orders are make to order products. We provide mattresses with the dual comfort options so that the risk of returning would be at a lower side. Dreamzee Uses HD quality Foam, HD Springs and Natural Latex in there mattresses so that they last long and give the superior comfort to all their customers.

Important Note

The points shared above are beliefs of our company as per current marketing model. Our purpose is to aware the customers about it and we are not targeting any specific company for this. At the last the customers opinion on this will be their personal choice.

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