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Natural Latex Mattresses

100% Pure and organic. No synthetic and chemical fillers.

What is Latex?

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex mattress is a perfect solution for all the bed problems. Let's take an overview of what exactly natural latex is?? Natural latex is a milky white liquid, which is extracted from the Hevea-Brasilienis tree, better known as the rubber tree. In rubber trees, a small piece of the bark is carved away, and latex quickly begins flowing from that cut to containers below. The latex then further processed and is used as a primary product in the mattress.

Natural Latex Features

100% Natural

Only 100% Natural Dunlop latex is used in this category

Direct From Factory

No middle men involved. We directly sell from factory to all our customers

International Quality Standards

Our Machines are equipped with international quality standards which makes our products superior from our competitors

7 Years Warranty

We provide 7 Years of manufacturer warranty

Our Natural Collection

Latex Mattress

Full Natural Latex

Hybrid Mattress

Natural Latex + Memory Foam + HR

Our Certifications

Dreamzee Natural Latex is certified by LGA, ABC, OEKO-TEX and SATRA

Natural Vs Hybrid Latex

Features Latex Hybrid
Components 100% Latex + Organic Fabric Natural Latex + Memory Foam + HR Foam + Organic Fabric
Organic Full Organic (Full Latex) Partial Organic (1" Latex)
Comfort Medium Firm Medium Soft
Reversible Yes, Same Comfort on both side Yes, with Dual Comfort Hard / Soft
Pocket Friendly High on Cost Low on Cost
Durability Very High in Durability High Durability
Weight Heavy in Weight Less Heavier than Full Latex Model
Certified Yes Yes
Quality Very High in Quality because of Full Latex High in Quality, But 1" Latex